About Us

Casa Blanca Beef Jerky was established in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Joseph and Rosella Quintana in 1988.  What started as a hobby grew into a successful family business that is USDA approved and now serves over 150 convenience and grocery stores throughout Northern New Mexico.



Casa Blanca Beef Jerky has been located in the same facilities for over 25 years and has grown into a fully equipped processing kitchen using top quality equipment and processing techniques.

As of January 1, 2014 Joseph Quintana sold the business to his nephew, Ruben Corriz.  As a teenager Ruben worked alongside his Uncle learning the business.  Ruben followed a different career path and worked in the beverage distribution industry, but stayed close to his roots.


Ruben looks forward continuing the same commitment to his customers that his Uncle provided and offer the best product possible.

CASA BLANCA BEEF JERKY           PO BOX 29597               SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO 87592                 Ruben Corriz (505) 570-2111


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