Casa Blanca Beef Jerky is well known for our Red and Green Chile varieties.  Chile not only provides that spice you crave, but it is loaded with nutritional benefits.


Vitamin A

Chile is full of Vitamin A, which is essential for the health and maintenance of bones, teeth, mucous membranes, eyes and skin.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C acts as both an antioxidant and a vitamin. It helps the body to maintain and repair wounds, bones, teeth and cartilage. As an antioxidant, it strengthens overall health and helps the body fight infections.



Capsaicin is a substance that occurs naturally in chili peppers, giving them their spicy flavor. Capsaicin can  reduce inflammation when ingested. Capsaicin also acts as a natural pain reliever.




 1-oz. of Beef Jerky contains in 2.3 mg of Zinc, or 15 percent of the 15 mg FDA daily value.


Why Zinc Is So Important

Zinc is a mineral the immune system needs to function. The process of cell division requires zinc. Having low levels of zinc may leave you more susceptible to pneumonia or other infections.




Beef Jerky packs more protein and has less calories than a protein bar.


A 1-oz. piece of beef jerky provides 9.4 g of protein, or 19 percent of the 50 g FDA daily value.


Why Protein Is So Important

It is a component of every cell in your body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein.  Your body uses protein to build and repair tissue. You need it to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals.  It is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

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